The Milesman diode laser device is the most popular system for laser hair removal with millions of treatments successfully performed.

Milesman Premium and Milesman Summum

The most reliable DIODE LASERS for HAIR REMOVAL

Our diode laser has all the elements necessary to give you the best results in very few sessions. It’s non-irritating, and offers you the guarantee that comes from being the most trusted laser on the market.

The best-selling laser on the market. Over 10 years of offering you service and quality.

Medical CE mark, FDA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001

Two models:

* Milesman Summum: 4000W of power. Able to cover large areas in just 20 minutes.

* Milesman Premium: 2000W of power. Perfect for businesses with average volume. Covers large areas in 50 minutes.

Milesman Compact. New launch


New launch. Incorporates the latest technology developed in the Germany and Spain, combining PORTABILITY and POWER.

New VCSEL system

The cooling unit is completely integrated in the device, so its total weight is a mere 9 kg, and it can reach a temperature of -9º C at the tip.

A high-power diode laser you can trust, with the MILESMAN guarantee. 2000 W and Up to 30 J/cm2

Especially recommended for service delivery, rentals, and itinerant application of hair removal services. Can be used on all types of skin, including tanned or black skin.