Advanced laser technology in hair removal, aesthetic and medical treatments.
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Láser de diodo depilatorio portátil

Powerful, light and comfortable: find out why Compact is the  No. 1 diode laser on the market.


Milesman Blauman láser quitamanchas y acné

Anti-acne treatment, removal of lesions, deep facial cleansing. Our  blue laser  can tackle everything in just one session.



Milesman R+D+I

Milesman is a Spanish company present in more than 40 countries that performs research work and manufactures laser high tech medical equipment. It has laser physics, dermatology, advanced optics, thermodynamics and laser chemistry, among others. The production processes, as well as R+D+i are undertaken in different plants in Europe and the United States. The company has its own technology, developed together with prestigious universities and global research centres.

Since 2005, it has had the most advanced and powerful lasers on the market with proven results for years. Currently, it is a market leader. 

In regard to quality, Milesman wishes to publish its Quality Assurance Policy in regard to products manufactured and in relation to customers and suppliers (Quality Assurance Policy Document).

Moreover, it complies with all the strict medical and international quality regulations among which ISO 9001 and  ISO 13485 are notable


Manufacture and market aesthetic medical equipment on a  global level. The equipment is innovative as it enables performing new treatments and applying new technology for pre-existing treatments.

Our equipment has to fully satisfy customers as well as add high value.


We seek to be a reference on the market and be considered a company that leads to global progress.

We also wish to develop equipment and technology that resolves in a novel way, people‘s  medical or aesthetic problems.


  • Technological quality. We always manufacture with the best technology possible.
  • Training. Customers that are always well trained to attain the best results.
  • Customer guidance. The customer is at the centre of our decisions.


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