At Milesman we have the most versatile equipment on the market. You can, therefore, personalize how to acquire it and work with us






1/ Buy

Buy the equipment directly.
If you select this option we have several modes of payment according to your financing preferences.

2/ Rent

Rent per day or for
a period according to your customer‘s requirements. Meet with your customers, schedule the sessions and get the most from your rental.

3/ Share

You can create a system among several centres that you know to share this. Being portable means it is comfortable and the advantage of your services can be seen quicker.

4/ Replacement

Finally, we offer the possibility of obtaining it as replacement equipment in the event of often having problems with your main machine. Therefore, you can always be covered in your centre and not lose out on work opportunities. 

If you are interested in any of our options, you can contact us and we will offer you several direct or financed options to make your purchase.



The Milesman Compact laser equipment is robustly designed and manufactured to last over time and not damage easily. Nonetheless, the laser is a machine and, therefore, with use may suffer from faults and damage inherent to the daily work with any technology.

The Milesman philosophy is to provide a financially accessible, fast and comfortable service so that when there is a problem this can be solved in the best way possible.

During the year of legal warranty, once the technical department has been notified the customer will be contacted for the equipment‘s collection and repair. Furthermore, each equipment has an optional warranty extension that can be taken out when the legal warranty expires.