The global medical laser market size was $6,947 million in 2018 and is projected to reach $16,230 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 10.8 per cent from 2019 to 2026. It is a no brainer as to why the popularity of medical laser treatments is increasing as they facilitate non-invasive procedures that provide faster healing. Further, due to an increase in the number of cosmetic procedures and a rise in the number of patients using advanced laser-based treatments globally, the medical laser market is expected to exhibit significant growth. Leading the industry with its innovative and cutting edge technology is Milesman Solution. “We are the only manufacturer on the market that makes a portable diode laser for hair removal Milesman Compact and 4 wavelength laser for hair removal,” says Fernando Diez, the CEO of Milesman. The company also offers Blauman, a blue laser specialized for infected acne lesions and to remove pigmented lesions. Milesman removes the painful and heavy laser oriented technique of removing hair by offering a VCSEL technology through its Milesman Compact product offering. The technology distributes energy evenly throughout the entire head, eliminating the ‘hot spot’ or ‘thumbtack effect’ that occurs with older technologies. Further, weighing only 9 Kg—when the other available products are 25 Kg—it is the only professional but portable, powerful and transportable diode laser machine. On the other hand, Milesman’s Blauman product is the ideal laser to remove dark imperfections in a single session. It can eliminate the ‘warts’, fibroids or skin tags, as well as other types of non-pigmented blemishes. With the use of the blue laser, the electric scalpel or cryogen is no longer necessary. The blue laser provides precision and reduces discomfort by up to 80 per cent. “The blue laser penetrates very little into the skin, making it the ideal equipment to safely remove dermatological lesions,” mentions Diez. Further, the ability to set the power and duration of the shot in milliseconds offers absolute precision to exclusively eliminate the injury without affecting healthy tissue.

Being a company with a presence in more than 40 countries, Milesman carries out research and manufacturing of high-tech laser medical equipment to help the laser industry grow and also assist the well-being of the people. “The portable technology and easy services that we offer enables us to transport our products to different locations which has given birth to rental market for short periods of time. Our solutions are affordable such that more doctors can have lasers and provide this service,” informs Diez. Milesman’s products have wide popularity across the globe and have been a success in India, where a chain of clinics, have started offering hair removal services at homes.

Milesman’s production processes and research, development, and innovation are carried out in different plants in Europe and the United States. The company has its own technology, developed jointly with prestigious universities and international research centres. Having cleared the CE medical and the FDA in 2021, Milesman is constantly working on improving the technology in all the aspects (safety, painless, portability, robustness to avoid technical failures, service, short delivery time etc.) “Milesman is called to be the reference in hair removal laser all over the world and to create the short periods rental business and be the main provider for hair removal at home operators. We are excited for the future and forglobal expansion,” concludes Diez.