It comes as no surprise that cosmetic dermatology is one of the most consumer-centric verticals in modern healthcare, poised for continued growth and evolution. In an era where most patients pay out of pocket to attain their youthful appearance, the minimally invasive, high-demand aesthetic treatments come out as lucrative opportunities for dermatologists. Thanks to the advancements in laser technologies, innovations across cosmetic rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments are prodigious. However, the industry is underserved given that laser devices are less handy and portable to address hard-core skin ailments and disorders.

Owing to their lack of efficiency and precision in the treatment procedure, the need for powerful laser devices becomes highly imperative. Enter Milesman, an industry-leading global manufacturer of potential aesthetic and medical laser devices that are exceptionally portable and cost-efficient. Tucked in the heart of Asturias, Spain, the company specializes in developing advanced medical lasers in liaison with international research institutes and reputed universities. “We deliver an eyeopening experience to dermatologists and clinicians worldwide with a new wave of modernism and dexterity,” says Fernando Diez, CEO of Milesman.

Milesman is the first and foremost in bringing to the table, Milesman Compact, an innovative diode laser equipment for hair removal that weighs not more than 9Kg. With its power and portability, dermatologists can effectively service patients anywhere possible, at home or in their clinics. Compact performs safe, noise-free, heatless, and long-term efficient hair removal for all skin types. The device leverages VCSEL technology that uniformly distributes laser radiations overall the skin surface, thereby eliminating pain and side effects. “Coupling all these features, the high-end engineers, rolled out another gamechanging product- Milesman Compact Blend for achieving toptier hair removal results in the market. It combines the best of four wavelengths (755, 810, 940 and 1064 nm) in a single laser source with each corresponding to specific skin areas and hair types,” adds Diez. When it comes to  treating acne, the company offers Milesman Blauman, the patented blue laser device. The dead skin cells accumulate as clogged pores and cause such a benign skin imperfection. Blauman completely cures them painlessly, devoid of anesthesia. Further, the blue laser removes pigmented and vascular types of lesions without any bleeding in a session of 10 minutes. “A much greater 92% of the patients report improvement in our lesions and acne-freeing technology, scoring 4.39 out of 5,” mentions Diez.

The device is easy to calibrate and transport. Moreover, Blauman’s innovative settings permit controlled shots of pulses without affecting other healthy tissues, offering immediate results. Building upon the pedestal of such broad capabilities, Milesman has an established business in more than 40 countries. It has served beyond 6000 clients who needed portable, readybuilt laser equipments. Diez highlights an interesting case where Skinnsi, a prominent Indian skin-care solution, leveraged Milesman Compact and turned out to be the first at-home laser hair removal service in the world. A team of young doctors turned entrepreneurs of Skinnsi serves customers at the place for any skin concerns, which reveals Milesman’s value proposition. Having established itself as a sought-after solution in the dermatology devices market, the company envisions creating short-term rental businesses for hair removal. Milesman also moves the needle on improving robustness alongside technical faults and delays. “On top of that, we steer ahead with the fine-tuned focus on making the world smart with more technology devices across solving aesthetic and medical problems,” concludes Diez.