The most powerful radio frequency on the market


VOSSMAN Radio Frequency is the leading medical device in delivering technology in synergy with the practitioner’s hands and is safe, comfortable, effective and very easy to use.

It is the perfect combination between manual therapy and innovative technology.


VOSSMAN Radio Frequency is the only medical device in the industry that delivers the treatment via the practitioner’s hands. This device is very easy to use and delivers treatment to the patient in a safe, effective and comfortable manner with excellent results.

It offers a perfect combination of manual therapy and breakthrough technology.


The Vossman Radio Frequency offers a variety of head sizes that can be used on different areas of the body, they are easily exchangeable and the size options allow for better adaptation and improved patient comfort.

The image demonstrates how the skin temperature increases and can reach the epidermis layer when the heat is delivered via Radio Frequency technology. Hyperthermia is then reached and the fibroblast begins generating collagen for cell recuperation.





This image shows how the skin temperature increases in the epidermis layers of the skin.

When hyperthermia is reached, the fibroblast begins generating collagen for the cell recoperation.


The high power Radio Frequency works efficiently on collagen stimulation, muscular injuries and post operational treatments.

When a treatment is performed the temperature increases within the treatment area which generates a hyper irrigation of blood that is then full of oxygen and nutrients, this helps the cells to recover.


During the ageing process collagen breaks down over the years and as a result skin becomes loose and saggy around the jowls, under the chin and on the neck area.

Once the skin has lost its firmness and elasticity it is impossible to regain it with a healthy lifestyle and skincare alone. Milesman Radio Frequency skin tightening works on a deep hyperthermia fiberblast which will re-activate the production of new collagen. This treatment will then delay the ageing process, help tighten and lift the skin and also has the advantage of improving the overall texture and quality of the skin.

Milesman Radio Frequency is also a very effective treatment for skin tightening on the body and is highly recommended for the reduction of cellulite and muscle relaxation treatments.



Higher specific power

The device is high powered and the capacitive electrode is far from the passive electrode

Sauna effect mode

The new sauna effect induces integral sweating. By grabbing one special electrode the patient achieves a complete sweat in just 10 minutes. Recommended for people with hypothermia sensation

Automatic power regulator

The device’s intensity can be fixed and kept constant, regardless of the distance between the electrodes


Thanks to the high-tech engineering there is no sparks, nor burns. The treatment is 100% safety


The device weighs only 5 kg and can offer a number of treatments whilst also having the benefit of being very portable. It even comes with a travel bag

Complete information on the screen

The device is very Technical, the screen holds a lot of information that is very useful to the operator i.e. applied and accumulated calories, conductivity, resistance of the tissue etc.

Technical Specifications

 Milesman Vossman
Aprox. Weight5 kgs
Dimensions13 x 29 x 34 cm
Tensión de alimentación230V a 50Hz alterna
Consumption in stand by mode0 W
maximum consumption250 VA
Transfer Technologydouble (admit isolated and metallic electrodes)
Output Frecuency500 kHz. Sinusoidal
Maximum Output tension210 Vrms with direct electrode
 900 Vrms with insulated electrode
Maximum power transferred200 W with metallic electrode
Maximum current transferred2,5 A with metallic electrode
Maximum power rangeentre 30 y 200 ohmnios aprox.
Aparent maimum Power550 VA with insulated electrode
Computer connectiontype B USB compatible 1.1, 2.0

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