Before and After

Milesman Premium is the Gold Standard diode laser for hair removal

Provides industry leading technology to achieve best in class results: DUAL SYSTEM CHILLER, HIGH POWER and the RELIABILITY

Before & After

Learn in detail the results of Milesman Laser.

The photographs were taken using the epiluminescence method. Traditional before and after photos are often shown, but it is difficult to determine whether or not the laser has been effective just by looking at them because a hairless area may simply have been shaven.

In photographs taken with epiluminescence, a camera with an enlargement lens and circular lighting is used. The camera is placed directly on the skin and the light is directed uniformly around the area.

When the light touches the epidermis, it is dispersed and the hair is illuminated from above through reflections of the rays of light. In this way, it is possible to see the hair follicles even when they are not on the surface of the skin.

This technique is an objective way to determine the amount and density of hair after each laser session.


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